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In this special Q&A episode of The Job Lab, host Nick Murphy answers questions sent in by listeners who want to get more out of their careers and want to learn how to better challenge themselves when they’re too comfortable. While Nick impresses that he isn’t a professional career coach, his years of corproate and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his access to talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers gives him plenty to draw on as he provides advice and answers your concerns.

Nick invites you to contact him at if you have any suggestions or inquiries for the show, which he will read and address personally.


(2:37) – Aimee in Georgia, who has been recently laid off, asks if she should work in a field she isn’t interested in just to “build her resume.”

(4:40) – Tia from Arizona wants to know the right time to change careers, and whether staying too long in one job is career suicide.

(7:55) – Sue from California has been prospering at her current company but is having second thoughts about a new position and whether or not she is truly qualified for it. She asks how to get a better grasp on her job without endangering her career.

(9:53) – Brent from Texas is concerned that he is too comfortable in his current position, yet simultaneously feels uncomfortable about taking risks and moving toward something new. He wonders how he can better build up his nerve to take greater risks.

(11:48) – Nick discusses Tim Ferriss’s ”Fear Setting” technique, which incorporates risk/reward, pros and cons, and other dichotomies to help you push through discomfort and overcome your fears.



“Go for the right kind of experience. What’s the purpose of experiencing something that you don’t like and how is that going to solve any of the actual problems that you’re facing?”

“Don’t stay past the second consecutive day where you wake up and think to yourself ‘FML this is freaking awful’.”

“Don’t make lateral moves for short-term financial gain.”

“Being uncomfortable isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you can learn to lean into that discomfort and explore opportunities for growth, not only will you feel better but you will grow and potentially thrive in that role.”

“You’re human and you should allow yourself to be human. It’s okay to be a little vulnerable.”

“If you’re afraid of heights, go jump off a damn plane and you probably won’t be afraid of heights anymore once you arrive safely on the ground, god willing.”



Tim Ferriss’s Fear Setting

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