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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to reverse engineer a life on your terms, you’ll be thrilled to meet Shinjini Das, the founder and CEO of The Das Media Group, where she aims to close the gap between intellect and pop culture in the media by empowering others who want to grab the brass ring. A Georgia Tech engineering alumnus, Shinjini is a go-getter in spirit and in name—seriously, she’s known as the Go-Getter Girl. Shinjini Das | Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy

In this episode, Shinjini discusses how she’s made use of her engineering education without working in engineering, how to build and scale a sticky brand using social media, and she gives her advice for dealing with your most vocal online haters.


(3:09) – Shinjini shares out her engineering background at Georgia Tech and explains how her career mission developed.

(8:15) – How did Shinjini use her engineering background to her advantage without actually becoming an engineer?

(10:37) – The difficulties Shinjini faced getting her degree and how she’s put her old fears and anxieties to work building her own company.

(12:51) – What does “digital entrepreneurship” mean?

(14:37) – Shinjini’s tips for creating a sticky brand via social media.

(17:48) – The importance of creating a “buyer avatar,” crafting a social media narrative, the importance of monetization, and the danger of “angry” personas.

(25:12) – Focusing on one platform vs. diversifying your online presence.

(30:19) – How to deal with haters and detractors on social media.”

(34:37) – Scaling your “sticky brand” into a “sticky business,” and delving into Shinjini’s “waterfall strategy.”

(39:58) – Rapid fire: breaking the establishment, Shinjini shares her greatest fear and her desire to have a meal with Barack Obama.

(43:10) – Shinjini’s parting piece of advice.


“I had to really be confident because… I definitely, definitely had way more detractors than supporters.”

“I don’t think I ever wanted to work as an engineer, so I’m not gonna say that ‘Oh that was a failure’ because that was never my goal.”

“What I learned early on is that if you’re not making money from [followers], then what is the point?”

“For me, social media was not a way, it was the only way.”

“I think I’m a naturally strategic thinker, which I see missing in a lot of people.”

“Make the platform work for you as a go-getter, because I feel like too many are just working for the platform.”

“If you misunderstand me that deeply, it is not worth my time to fight back.”

“You have to have an extremely deep grip on your audience.”

“Be alone and reverberate in your own thoughts. That’s who matters.”

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