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Josh McLean is a financial analyst and continual learner who lives with his family in Portland, OR and finds energy and drive through self-improvement. Success and stability have not always been a staple of Josh’s life, having struggled with anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, and even a brain injury in the previous two decades. But thanks to personal transformation, he’s since worked as a finance manager with Nike and KinderCare Education, and recently published his first book, Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within to Achieve Powerful Transformation.

On his first ever podcast appearance, Josh discusses his lifelong public speaking anxieties, the dark path his life took during his teenage years, and how he broke through to become the successful analyst, writer and family man he is today.


(2:32) – How Josh has struggled with speaking publicly from his earliest years, and why he recently decided to fight back against his fear.

(4:39) – The steps Josh took to reevaluate his life, figure out what he treasured most, and change the trajectory of his career.

(10:00) – What Josh’s book Catalyst is all about and who are the “restless achievers” he’s writing for.

(11:27) – Breaking down the four categories of Josh’s potential readers and what they can hope to get out his book.

(14:57) – Josh’s struggles in high school and as a very young college student, and how he tried coping with drugs and alcohol.

(19:10) – How much of Josh’s fear was internalized and how much was reinforced by his day-to-day experiences?

(22:10) – “Virtual mentorship” and how Josh’s reading skills played such a massive part in his personal development.

(26:45) – Other virtual mentor opportunities for those who aren’t as inclined to read, and the danger of information overload.

(30:20) – Setting “legacy goals” and how there’s a wrong way to go about reaching your targets.

(37:30) – Josh pitches Catalyst and discusses his “ideal reader.”

(39:56) – Josh plays Rapid Fire, has the first “pass” answer, and offers his parting piece of advice.


“For me, personal transformation isn’t about ignoring fear, it’s about moving through fear.”

“The book’s really for the restless achiever—somebody who knows deep down that there is something more deep inside of them.”

“Either you can consciously continue to play small and basically give up on life, or you can choose to take ahold of your full potential and start the journey.”

“[My book is] really about personal transformation and what’s holding you back in order to achieve your full potential.”

“The insight has come from hitting my face on the ground, making mistakes and getting back up, deciding to play another around or to live another day.”

“There are people who are sharing their message, and it’s your responsibility to go find them and plug in.”

“I believe your current state is not permanent.”

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