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Nick was approaching the end of the writing process for his upcoming book, Unboxed, when sickness walloped his family. In his struggle to balance writing, his company and this podcast with tending to his family’s needs, he realized the measures you’ll need to keep on track if life throws you a curveball when you least need it to.

In this week’s minisode, Nick lays out his tried and true four-stage “success wheel” process to help you when you find life piling on unexpected challenges.


(0:45) – How life has decided to drop in on Nick lately when he needs some time to work.

(2:48) – Part 1 of the Success Wheel: making a decision

(3:22) – Part 2: declaring and dedicating your decision in order to be held accountable.

(4:04) – Part 3: doing what it takes to get it done.

(5:17) – Part 4: recommitting yourself to your goals.


“When we have big goals and real timelines, life still happens.”

“What is it that you’re absolutely, one hundred percent deciding that you’re going to manifest for yourself?”

“Dedication and declaration are two ways to ‘create’ that motivation when you’re not really feeling it.”

“There’s no substitute for doing the work.”

“The nature of commitment is that it goes away.”

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