Nick J Murphy

The 4-day seminar Nick attended in Nashville last week has him thinking about the importance of language and crafting a narrative for our personal and professional lives. Even if we aren’t actively thinking about the words we use, they can end up influencing how people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.

In the last minisode of the year, Nick discusses why you need to put conscious effort into both what you say, and how you say it and proposes a holiday challenge you can take him up on.


– How a near-miss with a fellow grocery store customer got Nick thinking about the words we use.

– The way our choice of language can unintentionally rub off on the people we influence.

– Nick’s homework assignment for the holidays: come up with a goal so big that makes you uncomfortable.


“In the absence of a positive narrative, will step a negative one.”

“The language that we choose to use actually defines our narrative and gives shape to who we’re becoming.”

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