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John Hinkle is a life/business coach, mastermind leader, and the author of Shift: Moving From Where You Are to the Life You Want. Through his S.H.I.F.T. Principles, he helps the “working worried” and other career-driven people who’ve found themselves stuck in a rut take control of their goals and build a workable life plan.

For this first episode of 2019, John breaks down these SHIFT principles point by point, emphasizing why taking personal ownership is the most important step of all, and provides my listeners with a special offer!


(2:15) – John lays out the arc his corporate career took, explains why he didn’t find it fulfilling, and what prompted him to make a change.

(4:45) – How he went about switching his career path and building a new business.

(6:54) – What prompted John to come up with his SHIFT Principles and his analogy why people find their careers in a rut.

(11:42) – S: Seek Advice, including John’s tips for how to seek guidance within and beyond your usual network.

(15:02) – H: Honor the Past, and why we should focus not only on our previous successes but our old failures as well.

(18:24) – I: Investigate Options, and don’t be afraid to look for alternative methods of achieving your goals when your planned ones don’t work out.

(22:21) – F: Focus on Purpose, and really consider why you’re pursuing your goals and who will benefit from them.

(26:22) – T: Take Ownership, hands down the most important step in the SHIFT Principles.

(30:23) – Who are the “working worried” and why John thinks they’re the ideal readers for Shift.

(31:56) – John plays Rapid Fire and explains why the memorials for late president George H.W. Bush influenced how he wants to be seen.

(35:32) – John’s special SHIFT Principles offer for Transform U listeners.


“You could have a purpose that is the greatest purpose in the world, but if you don’t take action, if you don’t own it, then nothing matters.”

“Nobody in life has ever succeeded by themselves.”

“Too many entrepreneurs… give up when they hit a roadblock on what they’re trying to achieve in their business.”

“I think our purpose should be something that we can affect in the world around us.”

“There’s a lot of time left for you to achieve everything you want to achieve.”

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