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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski holds many titles: she’s a physician in both sports and family medicine, an attorney, and former adjunct law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A self-described “quitting evangelist,” Lynn Marie is the author of Quitting by Design and host of the Quit Happens podcast.

In this episode, Lynn Marie discusses how a bad job can be both emotionally and physically unhealthy, suggests some ways you can figure out your ideal work day, and attacks the myth that quitting is inherently a “loss.”


(2:46) – What Lynn Marie’s average week is like and her belief as to why some New Year’s resolutions are easier to stick with than others.

(5:44) – Why so many people are averse to quitting, even when it’s to their benefit.

(6:48) – The common physical and psychological factors in our jobs push people to want to quit.

(9:39) – Developing a “guidebook” for determining which jobs are best suited for you.

(12:26) – Why journaling is a useful tool for figuring out how well you groove with your career.

(15:22) – Symptoms we can look out for to prevent work stress from having lasting, damaging effects.

(16:51) – Some of the more dangerous methods people use to cope with job stress and dissatisfaction.

(18:54) – Prioritizing what obligations and behaviors to quit without going cold turkey too fast.

(23:02) – Debunking the notion that “winners never quit and quitters never win.”

(24:43) – Lynn Marie elaborates on her belief that quitting is the most underrated and important form of self-care.

(26:20) – How Lynn Marie has crafted an ideal career and life based around her attitude that quitting is the best form of self-care.

(29:50) – Lynn Marie plays Rapid Fire and leaves us with her #1 parting piece of advice.


“I think a lot of people fall for those lies we tell ourselves, and that keeps us stuck.”

“Tune into your intuition, because that’s the first way that you’re gonna know that something is out of alignment.”

“Thank goodness it’s changed to where having a job straight out of college and keeping it for 40 years is not some paradigm to be celebrated anymore.”

“If nothing’s lighting you up, then maybe you should quit some things to make some more space for things that would get you excited.”

“Giving up and quitting are very different things.”

“The real self-care is quitting whatever is bringing you so far out of baseline that you need self-care.”

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