Julie Kratz is a leadership trainer, certified master coach, and a certified unconscious bias trainer with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Following a significant career pivot, she created the Pivot Point process for female leaders to develop their own winning plans. Julie is the author of two books (Pivot Point and One) and is a frequent keynote speaker who promotes gender equality.

In this episode, Julie discusses gender inequality in the universe, the nuances of the “Me Too” movement, and why women need to reach out to their male allies.


(2:08) – What Julie’s day-to-day work is like and how her career guided her toward creating Pivot Point.

(4:38) – Julie explains why gender equality is so important to have in a workplace environment.

(7:38) – The most significant thing the “Me Too” movement has done to address gender inequality at work.

(12:09) – Finding the best time and place to come forward with “Me Too” stories.

(15:38) – Creating an environment that allows people to come forward with their story without proliferating false accusations.

(20:08) – Why it’s important for women at work to reach out to their male allies.

(24:05) – How Julie defines “ally,” what responsibilities a male ally should have, and why it’s important to have this label.

(27:27) – Strategies women can use to seek out and engage with male allies, and why you should seek out a mentor.

(31:06) – Helpful ways men can initiate an alliance with their female colleagues.

(37:10) – Julie plays Rapid Fire and says who she would go back in time to have a drink with.


“I see my role as just helping people navigate this tough space and figuring out tools that can really work to change things positively.”

“Me Too actually started decades ago… It didn’t have a formal hashtag and social media, but the stories have been everywhere. It’s just now that we’re starting to listen to them.”

“Having a place to share your story and not feel alone is incredible.”

“A good mentor is somebody that’s the future version of you.”

“I promise we learn much more from people who are different from us than people who are just like us.”


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