Elatia Abate is an entrepreneur and human capital expert who specializes in the future of work. She is a partner and futurist-in-residence with the Fesa Group, a one-time TEDx speaker, and teaches at Stanford University and the University of Toronto. Apart from thinking endlessly about how work will change in the coming decades, she’s also into improv comedy.

In this episode, Elatia discusses her career transition, some overlooked tips for career planning, and what the future has in store for all of the jobs we hold.


(2:00) – Why Elatia quit the corporate world and how she arrived at her futurist-in-residence position with Fesa.

(3:09) – What role Elatia believes mindset plays in creating a fulfilling life and career.

(4:22) – Why is such a high percentage of the workforce disengaged from their jobs?

(6:57) – Concrete steps people can take to create a fulfilling career.

(8:59) – The way assumptions keep us from a fulfilling professional life.

(11:26) – What it was like for Elatia to quit the corporate world cold turkey.

(16:17) – Why you should aim to be a “scientist” rather than a “sniper.”

(17:34) – Elatia breaks down what her “futurist-in-residence” position entails and why she focuses on the future of work.

(19:30) – What do we do for each other in society as certain jobs go away or become part-time gigs?

(26:36) – What can someone do today to protect their career from sudden shifts in the job market.

(29:24) – Elatia’s advice to parents of young people who are still setting the trajectories of their careers.

(32:19) – Elatia plays Rapid Fire and dishes out her #1 piece of advice for listeners.


“Do I want this to be an adventure that I’m on or am I going to allow the circumstances of what’s occurring around me to dictate the quality of my life and career?”

“I knew inside of me that if I continued there, something about who I am and how I’m supposed to be in this world, whatever that is, was going to get stifled—and so I just chose to leap.”

“It’s all just one big adventure, and it’s all just one big process of discovery.”

“How do we create pathways to economic empowerment through our jobs, through our careers, regardless of what’s happening in the world around us.”

“I think we have the opportunity to make this really be of benefit to all of humanity if we’re willing to do a different kind of work.”

“We don’t know what’s gonna happen, so why not open ourselves up to what could be?”

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