A recent chat with friend, fellow author and former guest Josh McLean (Episode 30) got Nick thinking about how a fear of corporate backlash holds us back from being authentic at work and voicing opinions that could lead to great change and show our colleagues who we really are. While it’s true you should speak and act responsibly, and be empathetic to others with your feelings, this doesn’t mean you should stay silent when there’s room for genuine advice and commentary.

In this minisode, Nick discusses the reasonable and unreasonable limits we put on expression at work and impresses why you should take a little risk and show your true colors a little more often.


– Consider if you’ve been filtering your own opinion at work.

– Accepting that there are reasonable limits to opinionated workplace discussion—religion, politics, etc.

– How this kind of self-censorship works against the authenticity you need to get ahead.

– Challenging yourself to speak out a little in the next week and show the people you work with a bit more of the real you.


“It’s an absolute tragedy that we’ve become afraid to express our points of view, especially in a professional context.”

“Those who are willing to be authentic at all times, even when it’s scary, are the ones that will be rewarded.”

“It drives me crazy when I know people have value to add and are afraid to do it.”

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