Brian Russo is the executive director and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Eye Heart World, which is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Eye Heart World combats and raises awareness of sex trafficking throughout the United States, as well as providing support and aftercare for victims of that trade. He strongly believes in the ability of nonprofits to create effective change and encourages listeners to apply their skills in that field.

In this episode, Brian explains how nonprofit work is similar to for-profit business, shares what we can do to prevent someone we know from falling into the sex trade, and discusses his favorite success story to come out of Eye Heart World.


(2:41) – How Brian accidentally stumbled into the nonprofit career path.

(4:08) – What Brian feels are the advantages of the nonprofit sector and what advantages it has over for-profit businesses.

(5:04) – The day-to-day proceedings of starting up and operating a nonprofit.

(6:37) – Dispelling the misconception that nonprofits do not pay their employees well.

(8:15) – The most ideal, in-demand skill set across the board for nonprofits.

(10:24) – Defining what sex trafficking is and debunking some myths about the industry.

(15:57) – What the recovery process is like for victims of sex trafficking and how Eye Heart World is able to help them.

(21:26) – Warning signs we can be aware of in order to prevent someone from being taken into sex trafficking.

(24:48) – Some of Brian’s favorite success stories to come out of Eye Heart World.

(26:55) – Brian plays Rapid Fire and suggests how you can contribute to the fight against sex trafficking.


“You need to know your skill set and pursue opportunities focused in that arena because it can definitely pay off.”

“Really what we do is set them on a path to healing.”

“It’s just crazy to see how much transformation can happen in the course of 14 months.”

“That’s really cool to have our first girl in the program succeed in such a huge way.”

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