In the wake of publishing his new book, Unboxed, and in the midst of laying out content strategies for this year, Nick has noticed that his productivity has taken a nosedive—not for a lack of things to do but because he has so many obligations that he’s not sure which ones to prioritize and focus on. But The ONE Thing, a book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, has been instrumental in helping him separate the wheat from the chaff in his work life and focus on what really matters.

In this minisode, Nick discusses how this book has allowed him to prioritize the most necessary tasks based on his strongest trait and asks you to read the book and figure the greatest strength you need to focus on.


– Figuring out the one task you need to focus on that will negate some of your other tasks or at least make them easier.

– Zeroing in on the singular trait that defines you and contributes the most to your work so you can lean into it.

– Your homework assignment for this week: reading The ONE Thing and determining what that one thing is.


“What’s your one thing right now?”

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