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Nick is in the middle of honing his brand, focusing on who exactly he wants to be in the market and focusing on attracting the people he’s best positioned to serve. In the process, he’s come to realize how essential it is to ensure the work you do actually energizes and motivates you.

In this minisode, Nick discusses why your brand’s focus needs to be very clear, what lesson he took away from a recent speaking engagement, and assigns you a little bit of homework that will help you out this year.


– The importance of clarifying what exactly your brand does in order to attract the customers you want.

– Filling up your calendar with not just important tasks but ones that energize you.

– Nick’s homework assignment for this week: taking stock of what you need to get done ASAP in order to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year.


“I need to get clear on who it is I can help and why you should want to work with me.”

“Being around people that validate and verify what it is you’ve been working on this whole time is really, really encouraging.”


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