Jane Garee is the founder and owner of Lilyflower Enterprises and a self-described “sales strategist for the non-sales person.” Through her training, mentorship, and emphasis on selling not just your product but the authentic “you,” she helps her clients achieve their greatest dreams.

In this episode, Jane dismantles misconceptions about sales, emphasizes authenticity as key to sales success, and has a few suggestions for entrepreneurs looking to beef up their sales tactics.


(2:04) – Jane lays out her professional journey and how she arrived at sales strategizing.

(6:01) – How does one overcome their fear of selling things to people?

(8:52) – Debunking some major myths about sales.

(12:26) – How opening your sale makes for an easier close.

(16:29) – A quick sales lesson for solopreneurs with little-to-no sales experience.

(17:44) – Understanding the customer journey to better understand sales.

(22:08) – Why authenticity is key to any successful sales strategy, regardless of what the authentic “you” is like.

(23:41) – The one major sales tactic entrepreneurs should focus on getting good at before anything else.

(25:54) – Jane play Rapid Fire and her royal choice for a dinner date.


“I love a good life but if I can make your life better, that’s what I’m going for.”

“I can solve your problem but you have to be willing and wanting to solve that problem too with me.”

“We don’t want good people who are bad fits and we don’t want bad people who are good fits.”

“It is an honor to be a salesperson because I can help somebody affect change.”

“Never try to sell anything you don’t believe in.”

“People are not paychecks.”

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