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I believe that when you live life on your own terms, follow your curiosity and surround yourself with amazing and kind people that the universe eventually sends you everything that you’ll ever need – and more.

I didn’t always believe this, although I think I inherently knew it to be true. It was through my many trials and tribulations that I learned how to transform and reinvent myself multiple times. I then began to chase my dreams – no matter the “likelihood” that they were achievable. These lessons fundamentally changed my life.

Going from being an NFL player to an under-employed bartender, from a startup co-founder and CEO to filing bankruptcy and working in a cubicle to make ends meat was really damn trying. I had doubts. I had fears. I had uncertainty.

And then the people that I cared about started in on me. It was during this period of soul searching, fear, depression and self-doubt than an ex-girlfriend of mine told me point blank, “I feel like I had you at your peak.” I was 29. That cut like a dagger.

My Football Identity

I was uncertain about my identity, my value, my future. What was I doing? Would I ever get back to where I was? What am I meant to do?

Eventually, I was able to build up the strength to take action and start over. Carrying a bit of a chip on my shoulder from the ex comment and always feeling like I had something to prove, I started betting on myself again, investing in my growth, committing to learning everyday and obsessing over creating a life lived on my terms. I was able to break out and transform yet again.

After climbing the corproate ladder in advertising sales for 5 years and having success (at least success as defined by other people), I quit to go back out on my own and try again to create my dream.

I walked away from $185k a year in the corproate world to start another company from scratch.

At 35. With 5 kids to feed, raise and educate. With a spouse that was also self-employed. With no salary, no paid medical and no retirement matching. Talk about scary!

I know what it’s like to feel weighed down by uncertainty and having no clue how to attract what you want.

I spent years trying (without much success) to marry my talents, passions and curiosity to create a life and career that satiated my soul. I have a very short attention span and if I’m not engaged and challenged daily, I get bored – and eventually I mentally and emotionally check out.

Questioning Myself

I remember thinking, why was it that every “real job” I tried was underwhelming? Why were the seemingly good relationships I got into not working out? Why couldn’t I be as happy and motivated as my friends or colleagues seemed to be? Why couldn’t I find my purpose?

Fast forward a few short years to today.

Experiencing both the highest highs and the lowest lows has given me tremendous strength, confidence and perspective. I’ve proven that dreams can become reality. But only if you’re willing to take the risk, move through the fear and doubt, and courageously take bold action.

It took several attempts, failures and transformations to find my answers. That’s because, as it turned out, I was looking in all of the wrong places.

This is why I do what I do. I know my system works because I created it over the past decade through personal experience. I know what is possible for you. I know how to help you get there, and now I coach and lead hundreds of men and women around the world in creating their unique, beautiful version of “perfect.”

To create a life you love on your own terms takes courage. It takes discipline. It takes the support of others. It takes emotional mastery. It takes resilience. It takes ACTION.

I believe that we all have a purpose and a vision for what our life is destined to become. I help you unlearn all of the toxic, paralyzing, damaging beliefs that we’ve been conditioned to accept as “reality.”

My business is based on empathy, compassion, trust belief and a deep faith that we can all live life on our own terms. We just have to decide to do it.

Whether it’s coaching, speaking, my books, my podcast or one on one of my online courses; I am committed to helping 1,000,000 people create a life you love and deserve.

I’m more than slightly obsessed with helping ambitious, capable, intelligent people, like yourself, bottle up their passion, purpose and power to transform their life to create their unique version of “perfect.”

Together we’ll work tirelessly to help you shred self-doubt and embrace, own and declare your super powers to the world in order to achieve greatness.

To move from where you are to where you want to be, you must be willing to take risks and get uncomfortable. You have to be honest — 100% honest with yourself and with me. And you’ll need to trust the process. I’ve done it myself, more than once, and I’ve helped hundreds of others transform too.

Now, I’m here to help you.

Never Settle!

There is incredible, powerful beauty in waking up every morning knowing that you’re moving towards what you were put on this earth to do. Living that day, one day at a time, over and over again is what will create your transformation.

But let’s be real – I’m certainly not perfect (just ask my wife) and I don’t have all the answers. I have shitty days, I make lots of mistakes, and sometimes I doubt my decisions just like everyone else.

The irony (and greatest gift) of my practice is that I get as much from you as you get from working with me. I learn, I improve, I grow, and I continue to transform.

The work is never complete, but I don’t know of a more worthy investment in time, money and energy than trying like hell to live your best life, in every way, every day. I’m 100% committed to helping you grow into your full potential and thrive so that you can create your “perfect” life.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your transformation! Whether we end up working together or not, count me as your biggest fan and supporter. I will be here pulling for you every step of the way. Never Settle!

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