Nicole Jansen is featured here on the Wealthy Speaker Podcast with Jane Atkinson, discussing authenticity and the keys to overcoming the impostor syndrome while growing your speaking business.


Nicole Jansen is featured here on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast with J V Crum III, discussing entrepreneurship and how to build a mission-based business that leverages your strengths and passion.


Nicole Jansen is featured here on the Wealthy Speaker Podcast with Jane Atkinson, discussing authenticity and the keys to overcoming the impostor syndrome while growing your speaking business.


Host Halelly Azulay interviews Nicole Jansen on leadership, human behavior, and how to lead and understand different personality types.

025 How to Reverse Engineer a Life on Your Terms – Shinjini Das

Shinjini Das | Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to reverse engineer a life on your terms, you’ll be thrilled to meet Shinjini Das, the founder and CEO of The Das Media Group, where she aims to close the gap between intellect and pop culture in the media by empowering others who want to grab the brass ring. A Georgia Tech engineering alumnus, Shinjini is a go-getter in spirit and in name—seriously, she’s known as the Go-Getter Girl. Shinjini Das | Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy

In this episode, Shinjini discusses how she’s made use of her engineering education without working in engineering, how to build and scale a sticky brand using social media, and she gives her advice for dealing with your most vocal online haters.


(3:09) – Shinjini shares out her engineering background at Georgia Tech and explains how her career mission developed.

(8:15) – How did Shinjini use her engineering background to her advantage without actually becoming an engineer?

(10:37) – The difficulties Shinjini faced getting her degree and how she’s put her old fears and anxieties to work building her own company.

(12:51) – What does “digital entrepreneurship” mean?

(14:37) – Shinjini’s tips for creating a sticky brand via social media.

(17:48) – The importance of creating a “buyer avatar,” crafting a social media narrative, the importance of monetization, and the danger of “angry” personas.

(25:12) – Focusing on one platform vs. diversifying your online presence.

(30:19) – How to deal with haters and detractors on social media.”

(34:37) – Scaling your “sticky brand” into a “sticky business,” and delving into Shinjini’s “waterfall strategy.”

(39:58) – Rapid fire: breaking the establishment, Shinjini shares her greatest fear and her desire to have a meal with Barack Obama.

(43:10) – Shinjini’s parting piece of advice.


“I had to really be confident because… I definitely, definitely had way more detractors than supporters.”

“I don’t think I ever wanted to work as an engineer, so I’m not gonna say that ‘Oh that was a failure’ because that was never my goal.”

“What I learned early on is that if you’re not making money from [followers], then what is the point?”

“For me, social media was not a way, it was the only way.”

“I think I’m a naturally strategic thinker, which I see missing in a lot of people.”

“Make the platform work for you as a go-getter, because I feel like too many are just working for the platform.”

“If you misunderstand me that deeply, it is not worth my time to fight back.”

“You have to have an extremely deep grip on your audience.”

“Be alone and reverberate in your own thoughts. That’s who matters.”

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024 Welcome to Transform U – Nick J Murphy

Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy

If you’ve been missing The Job Lab, then we have some good news for you: it’s back! Though not quite as you remembered it. Nick has made more than a few changes in the meantime to ensure that you get the ideas, inspiration and tips to transform your life and your career to take back control and begin living life on your terms again. 

In this special minisode, Nick explains the reason for his sabbatical, what listeners can expect from the show going forward, and how the podcast’s newest form—Transform U—will benefit your life and career. School’s back in.Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy


(1:26) – How is The Job Lab changing?

(4:14) – What exactly is Transform U about?

(7:03) – Who is the ideal listener for this new show?

(8:09) – When does Transform U start and how will it release?


“If you have a soul-sucking job five days a week, there’s no way that doesn’t impact and trickle into your personal life.”

“The way we used to go about our jobs, the way we used to work is completely different and that’s not going to change.”



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023 Why its Never Too Late to Start Over – Goli Kalkhoran

You earned a degree, checked off the internship box, found a good job in your new field and are busy living life in your career when suddenly it hits you! “This isn’t at all what I want to be doing for the rest of my career!” In today’s episode we discuss the sunken cost fallacy and why it’s never too late to start over.

Goli Kalkhoran attended Berkeley Law in hopes of advancing social change as a federal public defender. It wasn’t too long after realizing her lofty goal and earning her “dream job” that Goli realized that it wasn’t nearly as fulfilling a career as she had hoped. Instead of sticking with the vocation she had invested so much time, effort and money in, Goli left law, founded photo booth company Usie Booth, and now hosts the podcast “Lessons from a Quitter.”

In this episode, Goli discusses how she concluded law wasn’t a good fit for her, how she went about changing careers, and why you should push back against the fears and anxieties telling you to stay where you are.


(2:40) – Goli explains what originally drew her to a career in law.

(4:46) – We get into why law school is so difficult compared to other academic paths.

(6:52) – Did taking law at Berkeley specifically put extra pressure on Goli?

(8:20) – What about law pushed Goli to find a different vocation?

(12:10) – Goli’s advice for those finding a law career to be a struggle.

(14:19) – Her theory as to why the vast majority of employed people feel unengaged by their work.

(16:42) – Goli explains the “sunken cost fallacy” and why it holds people back from making important changes in our careers and lives.

(19:20) – How to calculate “opportunity cost” in our careers, and comprehending the upper limit of happiness that money can bring to our lives.

(26:24) – How do we identify what kind of work engages us, and how to we proceed from there?

(29:54) – Goli opens up about the pushback she received from others when she announced she wanted to change careers, as well as how she dealt with it.


“The problem with law school is that a lot of people just end up going because they have no idea what else to do.”

“And that’s the best description of what being a lawyer is: you’re just in a room by yourself reading and writing these very long and boring motions.”

“You need to be honest with yourself about what part of the job you don’t like.”

“A lot of times, we don’t tend to see our own superpowers.”

“The minute you actually start opening your eyes to other things and really admitting to yourself ‘I am unhappy and I want to try something else,’ you just start seeing opportunities.”

“When you start realizing the insanity behind these fears and what it keeps us doing, I think it gives you more courage to be like ‘You know what? I don’t care. I’m just gonna try something else and if I fail I fail’.”

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022 Expert Tips to Crush Your Next Job Interview – Kim Haught

It’s the moment you most dread during a job interview: the key question you realize on the spot that you don’t have the answer to. Or maybe it’s an innocent but embarrassing faux pas made during small talk. How do you keep a job interview from stopping dead in its tracks and build a strong connection with the person who might get you your dream job?

Kim Haught (pronounced H-O-T) is an HR industry expert, acting as the global talent acquisition manager for software solutions company CSG. As CSG’s headhunter, she seeks out the best possible candidates for key positions within the company. Via her blog Better Call Kim, she also helps job seekers understand the finer details of interviews and how to make the best impression in the hot seat.

In this episode, Kim discusses how to build quick rapport with your interviewer, what to say when you find yourself at a loss for words, and takes us through her S.T.A.R. method for answering interview questions.


(2:38) – Kim discusses her background and what exactly she does in her talent acquisition capacity.

(3:30) – What does a headhunter do? Do they work for the employer or potential employee?

(4:24) – Kim explains what goes on behind the scenes in HR during the talent acquisition process.

(7:11) – Why are job interviews so challenging for so many people?

(8:45) – What can those scrambling to find employment do to maximize their interview success?

(10:07) – Where do candidates usually go wrong in the course of a job interview?

(11:52) – Kim takes us through her S.T.A.R. method.

(14:45) – How can a candidate quickly build rapport in a job interview?

(17:02) – What are some of examples of bad or cliché small talk to avoid?

(19:04) – What can you say when you find yourself unable to answer an interview question on the spot?

(21:25) – What are the most critical interview questions to nail, and what are some tips for great answers?


“You’re always being evaluated at every step in the interview process. Make every interaction count.”

“A good recruiter and a company that values your time… is going to be transparent, is going to be responsive and to help guide you towards success.”

“Interviews take people out of their comfort zones.”

“Understand that the interview process begins well before you’re in front of that hiring manager.”

“The human touch, the human element, needs to remain there, and if you do your part to investigate who you’re talking to, make a little small talk, it’ll go a long way.”

“It’s all about a learning experience and if you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“The important thing here is know your background, know yourself, and not just read from your resume verbatim.”

“What inspires me is knowing that I can push my boundaries and achieve things that I never thought possible.”

“If you’re happy with where you are, if you’re happy with what you’ve achieved and feel satisfied in your life, that’s success.”


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