If you want to learn the secrets to balancing work and family while excelling in your career, then you need to meet Grant Baldwin! The former Bible College graduate and youth pastor, Grant is now an accomplished speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur and “just a guy trying to make a dent in the world.” Most importantly, he is the father of three lovely daughters and husband to a woman he respects more than anyone else on Earth.

In this episode, Grant discusses why he rolled the dice on a new career in the middle of his wife’s pregnancy, how he handles stress and guilt when work keeps him away from his family, and advises anyone who’s unhappy in their current role.


(1:32) – Grant’s knack for public speaking and how he made use of his talent at church and bible college.

(3:20) – Feeling trapped by his career, making the choice to refocus his professional path while halfway through his wife’s pregnancy.

(5:57) – Grant’s path from youth pastor to professional speaker, transforming one skill set into another, and picking the brains of like minded professionals for guidance.

(8:03) – His advice for listeners struggling with Imposter Syndrome, why having it might actually be helpful, and finding the expert within yourself.

(13:49) – The guilt of mismanaging your work-life balance and learning to embrace the tension between those two parts of your life.

(18:25) – How Grant transitions between his work and home life, and the way he communicates and stays connected to streamline those shifts.

(22:16) – Removing the clutter from your schedule to ensure you fulfill your priorities and feel good doing so.

(27:57) – Dealing with the reality of falling behind, and learning to strategically say “No.”

(29:00) – Grant remembers confronting his old boss about the pace he had to work at—and how it paid off!

(32:20) – The lesson Grant wishes his old boss had learned and how he implements it for his own employees.

(39:00) – A parting, emphatic word of advice on the necessity of taking action to improve your situation.


“Knowing that [my wife] supports me and that she believes in me is massively, massively valuable to me.”

“Oftentimes expertise is found in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily in how you view yourself… Other people are finding value in what it is you’re teaching and sharing.”

“There’s no need to fill time for the sake of filling the time.”

“Knowing what those main objectives are makes it a lot simpler to then now what I need to focus on on a quarterly, weekly and daily basis.”

“Business opportunities will come and go but my wife has one husband, and my kids have one dad.”

“Be willing to say no so that you can say yes to the right things.”

“You still have a choice. You still get to decide if you want to keep working for them or if you want to take your talents and go elsewhere.”

“If you don’t like something about where you’re at or what’s going on, then do something! Fix it!”


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