It’s the moment you most dread during a job interview: the key question you realize on the spot that you don’t have the answer to. Or maybe it’s an innocent but embarrassing faux pas made during small talk. How do you keep a job interview from stopping dead in its tracks and build a strong connection with the person who might get you your dream job?

Kim Haught (pronounced H-O-T) is an HR industry expert, acting as the global talent acquisition manager for software solutions company CSG. As CSG’s headhunter, she seeks out the best possible candidates for key positions within the company. Via her blog Better Call Kim, she also helps job seekers understand the finer details of interviews and how to make the best impression in the hot seat.

In this episode, Kim discusses how to build quick rapport with your interviewer, what to say when you find yourself at a loss for words, and takes us through her S.T.A.R. method for answering interview questions.


(2:38) – Kim discusses her background and what exactly she does in her talent acquisition capacity.

(3:30) – What does a headhunter do? Do they work for the employer or potential employee?

(4:24) – Kim explains what goes on behind the scenes in HR during the talent acquisition process.

(7:11) – Why are job interviews so challenging for so many people?

(8:45) – What can those scrambling to find employment do to maximize their interview success?

(10:07) – Where do candidates usually go wrong in the course of a job interview?

(11:52) – Kim takes us through her S.T.A.R. method.

(14:45) – How can a candidate quickly build rapport in a job interview?

(17:02) – What are some of examples of bad or cliché small talk to avoid?

(19:04) – What can you say when you find yourself unable to answer an interview question on the spot?

(21:25) – What are the most critical interview questions to nail, and what are some tips for great answers?


“You’re always being evaluated at every step in the interview process. Make every interaction count.”

“A good recruiter and a company that values your time… is going to be transparent, is going to be responsive and to help guide you towards success.”

“Interviews take people out of their comfort zones.”

“Understand that the interview process begins well before you’re in front of that hiring manager.”

“The human touch, the human element, needs to remain there, and if you do your part to investigate who you’re talking to, make a little small talk, it’ll go a long way.”

“It’s all about a learning experience and if you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“The important thing here is know your background, know yourself, and not just read from your resume verbatim.”

“What inspires me is knowing that I can push my boundaries and achieve things that I never thought possible.”

“If you’re happy with where you are, if you’re happy with what you’ve achieved and feel satisfied in your life, that’s success.”


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