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Does it seem like you have an endless pool of mediocre applicants?

When it comes to hiring the right people, most companies spend a lot of time and money on the recruiting process only to find themselves left with an inbox full of mediocre candidates. By creating the right message, your company can attract the best talent.

Top candidates don’t evaluate job opportunities the same way they used to. Does your candidate message stand out from the rest? Find out.

You don’t need more applicants.
You need more good ones. Let’s get started.

You don’t need more mediocre candidates. You need a better message.

Having the wrong message will actually repel the best people while attracting applicants who do nothing more than clog your inbox and overwhelm your recruiters.

Today’s top talent doesn’t respond to employment brands the way they used to. Let’s get started.

Nick J. Murphy

Nick J. Murphy is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and sought after expert in the world of work. His career highlights include award-winning tenures at CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed where he worked to optimize the effectiveness of F500 National Accounts across industries. His candid insights have been featured in national media like USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Fox News, Inc., Reader’s Digest and more.

Nick Murphy | Transform U Podcast


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“Nick is a great partner and works in a transparent manner with his clients. I found Nick to be focused on doing what is best for the client and overlooking the politics of the day. He has been a valuable business partner.”

Wendell, VP of Hr

“Nick values his customers input and has a knack for spinning up win-win solutions seemingly overnight. Nick possesses true grit, has a very strong moral compass and is constantly making impacts on the industries he serves and the people he has relationships with.”

John, VP of Hr

“Nick has demonstrated a high level of acumen in the career and technical spaces. His experience in the digital and job/career industries is lengthy and successful. It’s also refreshing to see someone succeed doing it “the right way”, he is generous with his time, enjoyable to talk to, and a good family man.”

Marc, SVP of Digital