NJM Success

Aimee V.

It has been such a joy to be coached by and learn from Nick. He is a smart, relatable professional with trusted experience who leverages personal relationships to encourage and guide. He’s not going to do it for you, but he can certainly identify your skills and talents and tell you where to go from there. Some coaches I’ve observed or considered have an aspect of eliteness about them that makes the coaching and services they offer unattractive. Not with Nick– he treats you like an equal, a colleague, and cheers you on to your next steps (whatever they may be). He has made me better and I am super thankful to have the opportunity to work with him to achieve my goals. Thanks Nick!

Ali L.

After spending nearly 10 years with the same company, I found myself ready for a new challenge. But challenge number one was to update my resume and get myself interview ready, after all it had been almost a decade and the job market and interview process had definitely changed. Nick helped me polish my skills and assisted me on what parts of my resume should and would be attention grabbers. He shared his plethora of knowledge on how to knock a phone interview out of the park and secure an in-person interview. When I was asked back to meet and interview with the C-suite, Nick coached me through topics and themes to listen for and ask about. And finally, when it came time for salary negotiations Nick gave me the hard facts that gave me the confidence to negotiate fairly and amicably. Having leaned on Nick’s experiences and industry knowledge, I’ve been able to put myself on a career path that I’m excited about and look forward to seeing even more personal and career growth.

Julie W.

I met Nick J. Murphy when we worked together back in 2008. I was immediately drawn to Nick’s outgoing and genuine personality. I had many rough days in my role at the time, and was constantly torn about my future. I didn’t feel fulfilled in my daily life but I had NO idea what I would do next and hated the thought of being a “quitter.” Nick was my confidant and inspiration during this stressful time. His wisdom and knowledge of the working world (even back then) and superb listening skills guided me to my next career.

Fast forward to 2018. 10 years later my daily happiness and drive slowly started to dwindle again. I know now that those feelings belong to an inner voice calling on my heart to make a change. Society’s pathetic “quitter” mentality crept up again, and I once again battled it daily in my head. I have always dreamt of starting my own business but I listened to others telling me I’d be crazy to quit my steady well paying job. I found myself turning again to my old friend Nick J. Murphy. I started each day listening to his podcasts and as cheesy as it sounds, I found life again! Nick’s words are encouraging, he backs up his ideas with knowledge and facts and his guests are truly inspiring. I quit my job last month but I don’t feel like a “quitter” at all thanks to Nick. I feel more excited than ever about finally pursuing my dreams. Thank you Nick!!

Brent D.

The advice and help that Nick has given me since we started working together has helped me strategically plan for my corporate exit to focus on my passion, and current “side hustle”! He’s helped me both overcome fear, and create frameworks and strategies to execute my plan. The insights he’s provided have given me the courage and the tools to make the leap!