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049 How Our Relationship with Money Drives Our Careers – Christine Luken

Christine Luken is a money coach, speaker, “financial lifeguard,” and author of the book Manage Money Like a Boss: A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. She co-creates financial prosperity plans with her clients to decrease debt, increase savings and prioritize the best ways they can spend their money. Christine believes
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048 The One Thing – Nick Murphy

In the wake of publishing his new book, Unboxed, and in the midst of laying out content strategies for this year, Nick has noticed that his productivity has taken a nosedive—not for a lack of things to do but because he has so many obligations that he’s not sure which
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047 The Non-Profit Path and a Cause Worth Supporting – Brian Russo

Brian Russo is the executive director and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Eye Heart World, which is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Eye Heart World combats and raises awareness of sex trafficking throughout the United States, as well as providing support and aftercare for victims of that trade. He
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045 Authenticity is the Key to Leadership – Erin Hatzikostas

Erin Hatzikostas is the founder and CEO of b Authentic Inc, which offers several programs promising to train leaders to be authentic, accessible and effective. Prior to launching b Authentic inc, Erin spent 22 years in the corporate world, including serving as the CEO for a large health financial company.
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044 The World Needs You to Express Your Point of View – Nick J Murphy

A recent chat with friend, fellow author and former guest Josh McLean (Episode 30) got Nick thinking about how a fear of corporate backlash holds us back from being authentic at work and voicing opinions that could lead to great change and show our colleagues who we really are. While
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043 The Future of Work – Elatia Abate

Elatia Abate is an entrepreneur and human capital expert who specializes in the future of work. She is a partner and futurist-in-residence with the Fesa Group, a one-time TEDx speaker, and teaches at Stanford University and the University of Toronto. Apart from thinking endlessly about how work will change in
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042 Why Reframing Reality is a Useful Skill to Develop

Nick’s book Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms, has officially hit the shelves! But unfortunately, its launch day did not go off without a hitch, with Amazon actually linking the Ebook version to the wrong paperback. Luckily, while panic did rear its ugly head, Nick
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041 Gender Inequality at Work – Julie Kratz

Julie Kratz is a leadership trainer, certified master coach, and a certified unconscious bias trainer with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Following a significant career pivot, she created the Pivot Point process for female leaders to develop their own winning plans. Julie is the
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040 Quitters Win All the Time – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski holds many titles: she’s a physician in both sports and family medicine, an attorney, and former adjunct law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A self-described “quitting evangelist,” Lynn Marie is the author of Quitting by Design and host of the Quit Happens podcast.
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UNBOXED | Nick J Murphy

039 Choice is an Action – Nick J Murphy

Nick’s new book Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms is now available on Amazon. To give you an idea of what you can get out of it, Nick is using this episode as an opportunity to share one of the lessons you’ll find between its
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