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Greg Gray | Transfrom U Podcast

058 Identify Your Blindspots to Create Career Success – Gregory Gray

Gregory Gray is a business advisor and executive coach based out of Nashville. Through his blog, podcast and consulting service Business Owner Freedom, he aims to provide his clients with the clarity they need to maximize their professional and personal success. For Greg, a successful entrepreneurial career requires a clear
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Transform U Podcast | Nick J Murphy

057 What Would You Quit If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail – Nick Murphy

Nick is in the middle of his “Go Live” challenge for March (see episode 53), where he and some of his closest friends post live videos on social media platforms of their choice. In one of the more recent videos, he pondered what was holding people back from quitting their
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056 Sales Strategies for the Non-Salesperson – Jane Garee

Jane Garee is the founder and owner of Lilyflower Enterprises and a self-described “sales strategist for the non-sales person.” Through her training, mentorship, and emphasis on selling not just your product but the authentic “you,” she helps her clients achieve their greatest dreams. In this episode, Jane dismantles misconceptions about
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055 Why Smart Capable People Settle All the Time – Nick Murphy

Why do people stay in jobs they don’t love? A surprisingly large percentage of people stick with positions they find thankless, dull, and/or frustrating. You would think anyone who isn’t happy would make the jump as soon as they could, but human psychology is fickle and can keep us from
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Scott Santens | Transform U Podcast

054 The Case for Exploring Unconditional Basic Income – Scott Santens

What kind of life would you live if money wasn’t an issue, if you never had to worry about being able to afford rent, a mortgage, or your groceries? While that might seem like a distant fantasy, writer, blogger and economic activist Scott Santens believes an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
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Nick Murphy | Transform U Podcast

053 In Order to Sell, You Must be Seen – Nick Murphy

After listening to an inspiring podcast recently, Nick has taken to heart the motto, “In order to sell, you must be seen”—that is to say, it’s hard to make a case for your product or services if you aren’t so much as a blip on people’s radars. Even if you
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052 How to Breakthrough Our Conditioned Beliefs – Nicole Jansen

Nicole Jansen is the founder of Discover the Edge, a training and development company that works with entrepreneurs and business teams to bring out their full potential and maximize results. A human behavior specialist and business breakthrough coach, Nicole finds fulfillment in helping others hone their skills and talents to
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Nick J Murphy | Transform U Podcast

051 Getting Clear on Who You Serve – Nick Murphy

Nick is in the middle of honing his brand, focusing on who exactly he wants to be in the market and focusing on attracting the people he’s best positioned to serve. In the process, he’s come to realize how essential it is to ensure the work you do actually energizes
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Transform U Podcast with Nick J Murphy

050 Celebrating 50 Episodes of Transform U with a Surprise Guest and Guest Host

Sports physician, attorney and previous guest Lynn Marie Morski (from episode 40) returns to the Transform U, but this time she’s the Host! That’s because Transform U’s guest for this week is none other than its usual host, Nick Murphy. It’s episode 50—a big number for any podcast—and to celebrate
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049 How Our Relationship with Money Drives Our Careers – Christine Luken

Christine Luken is a money coach, speaker, “financial lifeguard,” and author of the book Manage Money Like a Boss: A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. She co-creates financial prosperity plans with her clients to decrease debt, increase savings and prioritize the best ways they can spend their money. Christine believes
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