It’s time to Get Unboxed

The complex New World of Work can make you feel hopeless, stuck, or worse, like you’re going about your career all wrong, without a specific, proven plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

But all is not lost!

With the right skills and insights, you can build a career on your terms and live your life as fully and meaningfully as you desire.

That is what Unboxed is all about!

 Unboxed /ˈun·box·ed/ verb

Definition: The act of Creating a Career on Your Terms.

Create a Career on Your Terms

Unboxed Will:

  • Give you career clarity
  • Help you understand why you feel unengaged in your job
  • Show you how to be proactive and defend against automation, AI, and more
  • Teach you the proven 3-step plan to take back control of your career
  • Provide detailed workbooks to successfully complete the 3-step plan
  • Give you the confidence and roadmap to finally get where you want to be in your life

“Pinpoints the problem for professionals at any career level!”


You Deserve to Life Life on Your Terms

“Life is too short to stay in an unfulfilling career.”

About the Author

Nick J. Murphy is the author of Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms. He’s also the host of the Transform U Podcast, a NFL veteran, experienced HR Tech entrepreneur, speaker and frequent media contributor on topics related to the future of work, jobs and careers. Fox News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal,, Yahoo!, Business Insider,, MSN and many other national outlets have featured his insights. He splits his time between Omaha, NE and Scottsdale, AZ with his wife and five children.

When he’s not writing, speaking or creating content, Nick can be found traveling, at the gym, or cheering on his beloved Arizona State Sun Devils.

Nick Murphy | Transform U Podcast

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